Why Repetition is Very hot On your Brain

o You Use Repetition in Your Life?
When I asked this question of the staff and students, they answer
with his or her 'defensive' response, “Why should I?”
My solution to them and you also is, your mother and father were right.
“About what?”
“Repetition could be the mother of “learning”. I know a huge amount of learning
and memory strategies, but “repetition” of important ideas you
need to not forget, beats them.
The problem doing “repetition” would be the time. It takes 21
consecutive days to make a habit, and reprogram your mind.
What's The Alternative to Repetition
Have you ever learned something, (said into memory),
but say per month later aimed to recall this group of connected ideas?
It had disappeared.
Me too. The reason the memory was Missing-in-Action maybe it was never
went into long-term memory. You used short-cuts and not retested
yourself weekly, two-weeks or 30 days later.
Stop! That's the secret, you should retest yourself three-times over
the next four-weeks – achievable knowledge to sink in – permanently.
One-more-once: to produce a habit (auto-pilot) we have to repeat the
material for some minutes for 21 consecutive days. It's called the
Law of Repetition.
Habit occurs in a subconscious level, which requires new wiring
and programming. Humans do NOT want to change. We have 100
reasons have you thought to to make your energy of repetition. Example:
“I lived plenty of years not knowing the 'Eight Laws of Mind
and Thought That Effect Change', so I'll do without that work.”
Last point, Repetition may be the only sure method of making permanent
“change” inside your left-hemisphere, the venue of language, speech,
and linear reasoning. “Use-it-or-Lose-it!” is often a scientific reality.
Did you realize repetition originates from Latin, meaning repeat.
If You Teach Yourself These Ideas, You Will Win At Casinos
1. I wish to add important knowledge on your life. For instance,
did you realize toilet paper (are the real deal!) was invented in China in
the 6th Century A.D.?
2. OK, you choose to do know that you can find four (4) suits in a very deck playing
Texas Hold'em Poker, but wait, how many denominations will there be?
Answer: thirteen (13). That means you will find 13 denominations
times four suits Clubs-Hearts-Diamonds-Spades, or 52 cards.
Denominations add some following cards:
2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-J-Q-K-A. Count 'em, 13 cards x 4 suits each.
3. What would be the High Poker Hand Rankings? How many?
There are Ten (10) Rankings of Hands in Texas Hold'em.
a. Royal Flush: 10-Ace of the identical suit.
b. Straight-Flush
c. Four of an Kind
d. Full-House (Boat)
e. Flush
f. Straight
g. Three of the Kind
h. Two-Pair
i. Pair
j. High-Card
4. For sure you understand that an Ace might be counted as the
High card (Ten-J-Q-K-A) within a straight or even the Low card,
(A-2-3-4-5) in the straight.
5. For a prize, define “kicker?
Answer: the 'unpaired' card (side card). Example:
Your hole cards are Ace-Ten, along with the board shows K-T-3.
You employ a pair of Tens by having an Ace kicker. The Ace would be the
unpaired card.
6. For Prize-of-Show, precisely what is Kicker Trouble?
Let's say you might be holding a small kicker (side card) which
will probably lose to some higher kicker. You got A-3, and an
Ace shows aboard.
If there is certainly betting, another player with the Ace will most likely
employ a higher Kicker than yours. That's Kicker Trouble.
7. What may be the meaning of the expression, 3rd street?
Answer: 4th street could be the turn-card, 5th street will be the river-street,
And 3rd street may be the FLOP.
8. What's a Race situation?
Answer: when one player is holding two (2) overcards
playing against moobs. You got 2Ts, plus your check here opponent holds
Ace-King. The odds are 55-45 in support of the pair winning.
9. What's a gut-shot?
Answer: the charge card that makes an inside-straight,
which may be the same as building a straight by catching a card
10. What are also names on your holecard?
Answer: Downcard, Private Card, Pocket Cards.
Use your head and increase your memory by learning
these terms for Texas Hold'em.
Oh yeah, we're experts in Speed Reading. If you want
to increase your core knowledge by tripling (3x) your
learning-skills, and doubling (2x) your long-term memory,
contact MADmax at 1-877-567-2500, Ext. 2.
See ya,
Copyright (c) 2011, H. Bernard Wechsler

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